Saturday, December 3, 2011

{Advent} Day 2- Crown

Karis and I did day two of Truth in the Tinsel today!  I know I said I wasn't doing every day, and I'm not.  But we had the supplies and the time so we did it!

Karis found the box with the #2 on the tree, opened it and found the "Crown" clue inside. We read Isaiah 9:2-7 again (same verse as Day 1), and talked about Jesus as King.

She wasn't as enthused as yesterday at first...

But then she got in to it. :)

When it came to stick the "jewels" on the crown (sequins), she became way more interested in the sequins than the crown. But nevertheless we finished the crown and let it dry...

Can you see her in the background fixated on the sequins? ;)
And finally we hung it on our tree!

Day 2... Complete! Fun!

Is any one doing any other Advent activities?

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