Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Sabbath: Stop... Rest...

Today Richard, Karis and I observed our traditional Monday Sabbaths. I used to understand sabbath as... well, Sunday- A day to go to the house of the Lord and worship him, listen to a sermon and fellowship with other believers. But it is so much more.

On our Sabbath, our family takes the time to stop, rest, delight and contemplate. This has been something that I have found a little confusing and frankly have a hard time doing. For now, I have been concentrating and pondering "Stop" and "Rest" and what that means in my life. Here are my thoughts:
  • We stop working, acknowledging that He is the source of everything we have. By nature I'm what some would call "workaholic". I prefer the phrase "strong work ethic". When I am committed to something I work at it until it is done and done well. At one point in my life I found myself working so hard I didn't/couldn't attend church during the week... at all. I was working as if my life depended on me working and "killing myself" to make things work. So when it comes time to stop... we are acknowledging that we are not God... but HE IS! The world will not come to an end if I stop what ever work, task, errand I have on my very long to do list. We stop to acknowledge that HE IS THE LORD, and He doesn't need my help to make the world go 'round.
  • We rest in God's care, to experience His grace in a new way. Resting in Christ has allowed me to really dwell on the fact that, I am unconditionally and deeply loved by Christ, even if I never do another thing "for the Lord". Some may have a real problem with that statement. I know I have struggled, and still am struggling with that. I was a business major in college and began my professional career in an environment where you are what you do. So now coming to a place where we are to rest in the fact that we are loved and accepted even if I don't do another thing... that is difficult. Even in many church cultures, one of the first things we talk people about is all the ministries we are in and all of the things we are doing for the Lord. Although, doing ministry for the Lord is good it can easily become a long laundry list of "look at all the things I'm doing 'for the Lord'." But NO... I don't have to do anything, and I won't be loved any less by God if I never do another thing.
It has been a great day, today. Being conscious of stopping all of the work I do as a stay at home wife and mother (e.g. household management and planning). Resting in the fact that I am loved by God and my world is in His hands. And I am learning to delight by enjoying my husband, my daughter and in anything else that gives me life (more to come on this topic in a future post), and to contemplate and remember the Lords omnipresence in my everyday life.

"What is the sabbath? A weekly day of rest and worship. A day to cease working
relax in God's care for us. A day to stop the things that occupy our workdays
and participate in activities that nurture peace, worship, relationships, celebration
and thankfulness. The purpose of the sabbath is to clear away the distractions
of our lives so we can rest in God and experience God's grace in a new way."

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