Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Losing Weight in 2010

I gave birth to Karis 8 months ago, and I'm still carrying all that "baby fat" around with me. I went online to determine my BMI (body mass index) and what that means for me and my health. It turns out because I am only 4'11" I am just entering the obese category, putting me at risk for health issues including heart problems. So, in December, I decided to join Weight Watchers.... just before the holiday's! What was I thinking?! I should I have waited until after I've had my Pernil, pie, turkey, pasta, arroz con gandules, etc, etc, etc.

The good news is I have lost 6 lbs since December 17th!!!! I'm feeling motivated and excited to get to my ideal and healthy weight! Woo Hoo!

P.S. I'm also excited to follow a new blog called Diet Buddy! It has been encouraging to know I'm not alone on my journey.
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  1. You go Girl!!!!! Although I have been musing over my baby weight gain for the last ten years, it feels good to take charge again. Congrats on doing it sooner rather than later. Happy to hear I have a partner via virtual WW.


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