Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby's Name!!!!

Rick and I had a few names for our baby girl in mind. They were all beautiful but none felt quite right. As we finished up a "Daily Office" on our sabbath we began talking about what a blessing and what a gift this baby was. Rick quickly remembered a word study he did in one of his seminary classes (Biblical Greek). He did a word study on the word gift/grace. And so the word Charis (sounds like Paris with a 'K' Karis) came to mind. Her name truly encompasses everything we want to speak over her as she grows up.

Here is a little something I put together with the meaning of our daughter, Karis Rose Villodas', name:

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  1. Sorry I have been behind on my blog reading. Karis is a beautiful name, especially given the meaning. Can't wait to meet her.


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