Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's A.......BABY!

On November 1st, 2008 Richard and I took an early gender test called "Intelligender". A friend of mine had taken that test, or one similar to and and it predicted the gender of her baby accurately. The website also said that it had an accuracy rate of about 82%. So I bit the bullet and bought the test. If the test predicted you were having a girl it would turn an ornangey-yellow color. If a boy it would come out a dark forest green. Here was the result of our test.

Today we went to the doctors office and she asked us. Do you know what you are having? I said, "Well we took an early gender test that I bought online and it said boy." She asked, "What was the accuracy rate?" I said, "82%" She then proceeded to say, "Well, that test was quite inaccurate... Your having a GIRL!" We were in shock! Rick was speechless, my mom was grinning from ear to ear and I was questioning the Dr./technician... "Are you sure?... Really?... NO WAY!" All this was going on while she did a freeze frame on our little girl and pointed out the obvious.

We couldn't believe it! We were so convinced that we were having a boy. But what a wonderful and delightful surprise this was! I'm glad it happended this way though. It made it that much more exciting... to be surprised by an unexpected outcome.

Mom (abuela, grandmother in spanish) and I celebrated with a breakfast from Ihop and then a shopping trip to buy a cute girly outfit! (We couldn't help ourselves! LOL!

We also were sent home with some updated unique pics of our little girl. We hope to have those posted up here by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Yay!!!! We are having a little Girl!!!!! :-)

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  1. Rick and Rosie. We are still talking about our Grand Daughter and it's 9:35 pm. Well When Rick called We Just cried and held each other. We were so excited, and also in shock. God Has truly blessed you guys. We're lost for words. But know this We both Love you so much, and we keep PRAYING for all three of you. Thank you so much. Love you, MOM AND DAD In FL.


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