Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Virgin Bloggers

So this is our very first time blogging... or attempting to blog.

We decided to create a blog to share our experiences, thoughts, opinions, and other musings on life. We'll probably be talking about our new adventure of expecting our first child, sharing pictures of people and places we love, and even posting our thoughts on theological issues as they relate to today's world and our lives.

We wanted to be able to connect with you our family and friends new and old. We hope you enjoy our little blog and invite you to comment on our postings as you wish.

Happy Blogging!!!


  1. YAY for blogging! you're going to inspire me to FINALLY get my blog going again... after a YEAR... the little baby widget thing is kinda weird tho ;-)

  2. awesome! please post some videos of you both rapping in the car. thanks. drew

  3. Holla at your boy while he is still alive!!!

  4. We want to say how proud we are of you and rosie, and how excited we feel with our 1st grandchild to be. We're also thankful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for molding you both as you walk through this planet called Earth,lol. We wish you both many blessings. Your blog is wonderful and await further words from you and Rosie. You guys are a light to so many of us God Bless you, and always stay in the Word, DAD N MOM :-)

  5. You have a wealth of information to share..so share it, so i can use that info during my consultation and take FULL CREDIT..hahahahahaha! :p womp womp...

  6. Hey Rick and Rosie, I haven't been to many blog sites, but, this one has piqued my curiosity. Thanks for the words of wisdom. Love you both and the baby.


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